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Wednesday, 31 August 2011


A concept triple CD of ambient/space music inspired by the electronic music of the late 70s.You can find out more from Michael, himself, on YouTube.
A purely electronic expression of five long-form pieces that blend ambient sound design with rhythmic electronics and a mixture of synthesized sonics, both melodic and cerebral.
Premonition Factory (Sjaak Overgaauw, The Netherlands) is a self-taught musician, currently living in Antwerp, Belgium.The music of Premonition Factory has been classified as ambient, with a touch of experimental and avant-garde.
Just released. A New Age album that is a cut above the rest in the genre.
Arguably one of Salva Moreno's best yet!
"Ancient Wisdom" is the new work of Psicodreamics inspired by Celtic myth and the wisdom of the ancients.
This new collection from Xan Alexander, one half of the synth music group The Omega
Syndicate, features his usual blend of atmospheric ambience mixed with high energy
sequences and solos, alongside more experimental material.

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