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Wednesday, 10 August 2011


For 4 days from the 26th of August to the 29th inclusive I've produced a totally free download album celebrating 30 years of music for fans called " Light Years-The UFO Anthology". It contains familiar works from my UFO themed material over the years in addition to several exclusively produced tracks for the release and some rare unreleased pieces. It's free as I say for all to download on any of those 4 days this August from
In other news I'm currently working with Logan Hawkes (from the Ancient Aliens TV series) on a major 2 part episode production of his book "Encounters of the Old West" for The Unknown Show. Logan's narrated it and I'm producing the music. As an aside it's interesting to note that Logan was called in by Speilberg to assist the producers of the new film "Cowboys and Aliens".
Warm wishes as always,

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