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Sunday, 18 May 2014

MAY 18

SILENTARIA: The Beginning Of The End
JC.B: Multipolar
FABER: Universal Flow
JANUS: Light Years
PATRICK BERNARD: Paix Amour et Lumiere
ANTAI: Dreamscapes

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  1. Well, I had a great time listening to this week's show Bruce! From start to finish here are my favorites. I thought that the frist couple of tracks from The Beginning of The End are really great driving tunes. JC.B sort of reminded me of Ryan Farish in terms of synth sounds. This is a new artist for me. Great music for that space adventure. I really liked the second track...very chill and smooth. I think it was NCM(?). Not sure. Of course Gazz' music is always a welcomed listen becuase I love his Tangerine Dream influence infused music! ;) Bjorn Yepsin (not sure if that goes along with what is on the track list) has a lot of Jean Michel Jarre influence in his music. Especially the first track. More nice traveling music. Natterfrost - beautiful frist track with the great Tomita-like sounding whistle and Medwyn Goodall-like guitar sound! ;) I liked the first one better than the second. I couldn't really get into Faber's music...sorry. Andreas Baaden's tracks, especially the first one, is some really cool synth-rock music. I liked them both. In the second track though, I really liked that driving low rhythm synth sound that seems to follow a bass guitar line minus the bass guitar. Hope that makes sense. I have always loved the Chronotope Project music. The entire first track reminded me a lot of the sound that Thomas Newman has on the soundtrack to 'American Beauty'. Love that sound. The second track was much more spacey to me. Really nice peice. I felt like I was waiting in line to ride Space Mountain at Walt Disney World. They play music similar to this while you wait in line. I really liked the first track by Janus. Has a flemenco sound to it. Spanish flair! As for the second track, I love the piano playing and beautiful harmonies! I felt beauty and passing in the tracks by Patrick Bernard. The 'chant' or vocals were lovely. I think they were called Sacred Doors and New Earth Hymns. Now I think you hit the nail on the head Bruce when you said that the music of Antai is quality EM! You are very right! Really enjoyed these!

    Thanks, Bruce, as always for sharing all this fantastic EM music for us! I apprciate what you do!