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Thursday, 24 November 2011


KEVIN KENDLE: Dawn Chorus; SAMUEL REID: To The Rising Sun; PSICODREAMICS: Forest Heartbeat; MICHELE IPPOLITO: Sunset; DAVID LANZ & PAUL SPEER: Faces Of The Forest Part 1; ROBERT FOX: Woodland Carpet In Blue; GANDALF: From Source To Sea; JACKSON BERKEY: Invitation To The Sea; G.E.N.E: Diving Dreams; PETER SEILER: Reef Moods; RON BOOTS: Strand; RYAN FARISH: Sunshine In The Rain; FD PROJECT: Mountainway; JUSTIN VANDERBERG: Dusk; JOHN FLOMER: Weeping Cavern; FRANK VAN BOGAERT: Deserts; VISIBLE BREATH: Sound Of Midnight Fog; CLAUDIO MERLINI: Across Green Mountains.
Sunday, 10am-12; Monday, 8pm-10pm (UK times).

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